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The President’s Health Care Plan

September 10, 2009

Did anyone else think this pep talk a bit off the mark?  I am just a Dr. Mom but…if new programs will be paid for by curbing fraud and waste in the other government health care plans then…….aren’t we headed for more.   If you cannot clean up the fraud and abuse NOW why should we design another government program to abuse???  Why do the same thing again.  We have all the solutions we need for great health care.

Really, we do.  We have private insurance, state and federal help if you have no money , health savings accounts with high deductible catastrophic coverage, and laws that make sure no one turned away from emergencies rooms.  We have antiaging medical treatments that do not involve heavy pharmaceutical use and that will keep you healthy until your work is done and/or you wear out. 

Washington cannot think, we need to strengthen what we have with tax  incentives.  Coleen

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  1. insuranceauthor permalink
    September 10, 2009 8:18 pm

    Medicare fraud was rampant between its beginnings and 2003 when some adjustments were made.
    A lot of the fraud was due to the government paying a doctor 80% of what it cost him to see a patient.
    The government NEVER has a grip on the difference between price and cost because when they need more money they just take it. Doctors do not have that latitude. Also, doctors have integrity.
    Joe Clark, author of Common Sense Retirement


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