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Zucchini Spaghetti

June 6, 2013

Great Blog to follow if you have digestive problems. The recipes from the first day look fabulouso and we are so glad to have this journey of handling intestional candida with great food, lots of flavor here and some creative ideas.

What Eats

ImageOk I am tired of salads and eggs. I needed to satisfy both my pasta craving and my need for something different.

I have also realized that I am only four days into this and feeling rather whiney. I never paid attention to how eating out so often had affected my thought process. If I wanted nachos, I went and got nachos, if I wanted chinese, I got chinese. I need to open my prep up a little to allow for a greater flexibility in dishes. I’m realizing that I could have made a chicken curry tonight because I have all the ingredients, however at the beginning of the week I decided to make two different chicken salads and thought that they would be enough. Nope, not for my demanding palate. My cravings are a fickle mistress and I, their slave.

Looking at what I had, I decided to just use…

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