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Where Have We Been All These Months- or long time no posts?

April 26, 2017

Very long time since we have posted on WordPress. These months have been filled with illnesses reversed, health restored, for many patients. I wish I could find a way to express the joy of working with Dr. Maulfair and our staff of the most helpful, caring people I know. I wish I could convey how real the benefits of this paradigm in medical care is for those that do make it our center and benefit from our advice and care.

We want to reach so many more but I am lacking expertise in internet marketing. I ran Google ads for a few months but found Google does not have a category for our form of medicine so I am quite sure our ad ran on drug company searches. We did not see an up tick in people contacting us through the internet at all. Some people may now have a wrong impression, they may think this is the “same ole, same ole” family practice. When I cancelled the ad they also cancelled our gmail account without telling us. Nice.

Our message is simple. You have the capacity of reversing a decline in health with the ability to determine the causes of problems in the first place. The first step is taking advantage of the diagnostic tools you may never have known about. Most people know about scans, scopes, biopsies and common laboratory tests. Knowledge of searching diagnostics like Doctor’s Data testing for heavy metal toxicity or stool analysis for digestive disorders; Great Plains Lab for chemical toxicity, food sensitivity, and a European company study of blood to determine which chemotherapeutic drugs would be effective against a certain cancer cell or type; or a test by Rhine Labs for hormone levels of way more than a few hormones when you suffer from the ravages of aging.

So let’s say you find out some underlying problems that resulted in your symptoms, or disease. Now what? Dr. Maulfair has been offering body friendly treatment modalities for over 40 years of his 50+ years in practice. He does not practice any more, he knows what he is doing; he knows what you can expect from his recommendations. He knows you are more in charge of the outcomes in your health status than he is. He knows you come first and YOU are the center of his care. There is so much more to medical care than drugs and more drugs and surgery.

We have no argument with the usual medical recommendations of drugs and surgery; they are very important. But that approach falls short when you are talking about high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders and all the problems that pop up when you get older, and older yet. We can help you manage and get ahead with our treatments if you suffer from what are essentially the result of the way we live, breathe and eat in the chemical infested society. Whether by the air we breath, the food and water we drink, the chemicals we put on our skin we decline as these things build up during our lifetimes. I wish I could get this message of real help to everyone that needs it and would accept it.

Here is a video you will enjoy about one of our treatment modalities:

Coleen Maulfair
New Patient Services

Todd 3 17 B mp4 B LONG FORM

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