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I Wish You Knew…

June 30, 2017

I wish you knew…

Working alongside Dr. Maulfair since 1994 I have experienced the revitalization of health in his patients. Results no one else was expecting, results the patients themselves hoped would happen when they moved outside the box of common medical care into a world of good scientific based medical care, they hoped. I wish you knew, I wish you knew for your good or for the good of your employees, friends and family.

Illness that ruins our lives often happens, not in an instant, but with every exposure to poisons our bodies cannot tolerate and deficiencies of all the elements that can heal the worst problems. It happens bit by bit over the course of years and then you hit the wall of knowing you are not doing well and aging is not rewarding, it hurts.

In personal visits, seminars and workshops Dr. Maulfair has spent his career interesting people in finding out what is really going on with their bodies, medical care, and imparting answers resulting in restored health. Ask his patients and you will see they know he really cares and he is competent; getting results working with his patients over the course of some months in many cases, reversing, little by little, sometimes leaps and bounds, the ravages of bad medical care and very poor answers to health problems.

If you have little knowledge of how your body stays healthy how on earth will you be able to take care of yourself as you age? Aging is not supposed to be miserable but it is an eye opening event when you start to realize you have been hoodwinked and now are faced with some real problems you cannot ignore, you may not know where to turn. I really believe the problems of aging are primarily the accumulation of all the toxins and deficiencies of the past creating symptoms that are quite serious and hard to ignore.

Tell me, what kind of medical system and medical philosophy has the scientific knowledge of clearly 90% of the cancers we develop are caused by environmental factors yet does nothing about it. I ask the women in our seminars and workshops if their gynecologists have ever warned them stay away from pesticides. Not one. Yet a woman going in for surgical mastectomy was told by her surgeon to stay away from pesticides. Why? Because pesticides have been found in tumor tissue, that’s why. That is the science. That is what we are facing and yet surgeons are not all over the air waves, or internet warning the public of these risks. By the way, if you think hereditary factors cause cancer, it can be true; but, as Dr Maulfair points out something has to trip the gene into expressing itself and often that is some toxin your body cannot tolerate.

Standard medicine waits until you have cancer that can be detected and then “treated”. Yet the scientific community knows much of the chemical exposures we endure that develop into cancers. Prevention in medicine has been perverted to mean doing a test of some sort to see if you have some medical condition! That is detection not prevention. Prevention is only possible if you possess the knowledge of what CAUSES health problems. Further more – what causes HEALTH?

We have non-invasive medical studies that can be done by a group of scientifically based laboratories looking for and finding the causes of symptoms. Dr. Maulfair helps his patients uncover what is really going on with their bodies and THEN works to turn around the problems found that CAUSE a symptom. A symptom simply points the way on where to look first.

I wish you knew, I wish the government knew, I wish employers knew, I wish our Veterans knew the real causes of health problems and the ease at which they can be reversed with body friendly answers and a bit of hard work. I wish the investors of insurance companies knew how much money was being wasted in unscientific medical care. It is pharmaceutical medical care, more chemicals for someone who could simply be too toxic to feel well, that we promote in this society and we need to change course.

Coleen Maulfair
New Patient Services

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