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A Simple Health Care System

August 1, 2017

Our government has interfered with our health care payment system to the detriment of all of us. First off, we do not have a health care system we have a disease care system. Those that pay for the services determine what is available. It is clear medical choices are limited and people are paying for services they will never use; some people get subsidies and some people pay outrageous premiums for little coverage.

We have people, here in Pennsylvania in a county with only one Obama care provider, in their fifties who pay $3,000 per month in premiums for a couple. Their deductibles are high so they will likely not use the coverage they purchase in a year as they are relatively healthy; deductibles are so high coverage would only kick in if they were hospitalized. Due to the high payments they are unable to seek the care that would prevent problems. Think about it. $3,000.00 per month, how many of us can afford that? It is the cost of two house payments for most.

We need health savings accounts that are fully tax deductible and allow us to seek health care as we see fit, with whom we choose. Combined with a high deductible catastrophic insurance plan this would fit a great variety of needs, if it covered vitamins prescribed by physicians, services delivered by licensed professionals including physical therapy and health coaching. Our employers and our own deposits into these accounts would put control into the hands of individuals and not people who do not know what we want to do with our own bodies. All legal treatments would be available to someone.

We do not use car insurance to pay for oil changes and tires, it is reserved for accidental damages. That is a good model for health insurance as well. People who are indigent could be cared for through Medicaid as they are now, with help from the government.

This is a fair plan for all – fair because it is controlled by the person themselves.

The cost of delivering care on the part of physicians and others would become more affordable as the health savings accounts would not involve filing a claim. Just a simple payment made from the health savings account. This angers those who want control and feel you do not have good judgment about how to care for yourself.

People could form associations, or utilize the ones they already participate in for the insurance coverage and in this way group rates would be available for more people. No government agency would have major oversight, people in the market place would inspire the business of medicine to create offices and centers and treatment choices the public desired.

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