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A Pioneer Story

September 21, 2017

Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr. D.O.

A Pioneer’s Story………
Dr. Maulfair is a pioneer of wholistic medicine in the United States. He says spell wholistic with a “W” because nothing is missing! It has been said that people who change the course of society are better known by people far off than their own neighbors, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss an opportunity to know Conrad and appreciate his uncommon courage.

Thirty years ago and some five or six years into his medical practice he decided he was not happy at all with the results of medicine as usual, that is to say utilizing drugs and surgery to relieve symptoms. He was driven to search out solutions for the actual causes of chronic problems his patients were experiencing. Then as now, his patients and their improvements lead him to explore and utilize therapies which improve people’s immune system, health status and quality of life. He remained true to the principles of osteopathic medicine as he viewed the patient as a whole person, not a symptom. He uses symptoms to point the way for thorough diagnostics. If you take the time to look hard you will find points of non-optimum physical function, which once corrected, result in an alleviation of the problem. He remains enthusiastic about life and helping others achieve optimum health. Often he returns home after a twelve-hour day, not exhausted as you might expect but excited over someone’s improvement. He actually gets results with his medical approach, real results. He has his attention on the positive impact of practical medicine.
Whether he is invited to speak to the medical society in Brazil, do an interview on radio or television for the cause of alternative medicine, teach new students about chelation therapy at national accredited workshops, serve as examining physician for doctors wishing to become certified in chelation therapy, or talking to the patients he loves; he is always kind, gentle and a peacemaker.

The clinical results he achieves with his patients are real changes in health not the masking of symptoms. He wants people to know there is hope for health and hope for those of us who are aging. His medical center is dedicated to teaching patients about effective medical treatments, diet, exercise, environmental contamination and drugs so they can be self sufficient and smart consumers of health care.

We married in 1993 and shortly thereafter I started to help in the practice. People would tell me how much Conrad had helped them change their lives. There was one woman who approached me in the parking lot to ask if I had any idea how much my husband had done for her. With tears streaming down her cheeks, and soon mine, she described how quality of life was returned to her in all its richness because she took his advice and together they changed her life, she said she would have died had Conrad not been there. We have hundreds of success stories from people with all types of ailments recovering their health and improving their lives.

Conrad is one of those rare people who cares enough for others to go beyond the expected to the unexpected in his compassion and his desire that life be more than something to tolerate. He stepped out ahead of the crowd many years ago to make sure he could realize his dream of helping patients for real, giving them the knowledge they need to think for themselves, escaping the false data that holds them down.

Come to his next seminar and enjoy his sense of humor and vast store of knowledge or call for your appointment. Start your climb to something new and possible in health for yourself, your family and your friends.

Coleen Maulfair

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