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New Paradigm in Medicine, Integrative Therapies

October 26, 2017

Dr. Maulfair has been helping his patients with the “new” paradigm in medicine for over 40 years. Why should this matter to you? Think about all the people he has met, all the conditions he has encountered and all the restorations of health he has helped his patients achieve. He does not rely heavily on pharmaceutical models of health care yet he employs the help of nurses and intravenous treatments of all kinds, dietary recommendations, exercise encouragement and programs, and strategies that reduce toxic exposures affecting the body and mental health of his patients. There are a number of physicians like him all across this country, just not enough YET.

In all the years that have passed, with all the developments in health care, with all the choices we now have to take care of symptoms we experience, the science of and structure of bodily health has not changed one whit.

Your body requirements remain as they have always been. Funny, no matter what you think about your health and which choices in treatments you should utilize the body remains committed and strong in demanding certain constituents for health. The requirements to be and remain healthy are unchanging, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, prebiotics, probiotics, water, air, the list goes on but lead, cadmium, prozac, oxicodone, styrene are NOT on the list. With depleted soil on our farms and chemical farming you need high quality nutrients to remain healthy. The detractors will tell you they just make expensive urine! Not true. If it was true what does the endless ingestion of pharmaceutical drugs create? We can help you answer that question.

Dr. Maulfair has approached his career in medicine studying HEALTH, minimizing attention given to disease. He has asked and answered what is it that we need to do to remain healthy or to regain the health we once enjoyed? That should be your quest too.

In these days of health insurance turmoil, unrelenting pharmaceutical advertising and bad news regarding the quality of our food, water and air, it is easy to just ignore the entire field. People with symptoms and overwhelming, unresolved health problems can’t do that. Each day when you are faced with pain, exhaustion, heart irregularities and headaches your health determines all else you are interested in and able to do. Ill health blunts your dreams and goals for your future.

Come to us for care or find a doctor near you with the same goals as you have; drug free care that works to restore health and alleviate symptoms. Find a doctor that is curious and wonders why you have headaches and exhaustion. Find the underlying causes and you are half way there. There are answers that work, promise.

Check out the International College of Integrative Medicine,, the American College for the Advancement in Medicine,, the American Association of Environmental Medicine,, to locate providers near you. And take a look at to find Dr. M’s podcasts you can listen to. Check out our sauna detoxification program and find results,

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