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New Approach in Medical Care

November 29, 2017

You should be able to come to a doctor with any health problem and receive care you understand and that works to alleviate your condition.
The rampant use of drugs to manage symptoms is out of hand and from our perspective bad care. Psychiatric drugs, as an example, are being used by many doctors in general practice and although they mask symptoms, these drugs are always recognized by your liver and your body as a toxin, evidenced by the fact that a little bit is “medicinal” but the whole bottle will kill you. People have conditions that actually need to be addressed and treated, but not covered up with drugs. When someone feels depressed as an example, outside of a problem in life like the loss of a job or a loved one, searching diagnostic work is essential. A person could have an underlying hormone imbalance of some sort, could have a deficiency of minerals that needs to be addressed, an overload of heavy metals or other nutritional imbalances.

If someone had a family member die and they felt depressed some weeks later you would not recommend they go to their local bar for a few drinks just before bed if you were a good friend. A recommendation of a mind numbing drugs given by a doctor is not a treatment for depression, it is actually avoiding treating depression. There is no drug in the world that will bring back a loved one or convince your boss to hire you again. There is no science to the statement that a chemical imbalance in the brain is the cause of anxiety, depression or anything else! None!! These drugs can also cause greater problems than the original depression or panic attacks evidenced by the fact that seven out of twelve school shooters were on psychiatric drugs or coming off of them. Go to the links on our website, and do the research yourself, you will come face to face with the truth.

When you come to our medical center we wonder why you are experiencing the problems you have and we get to the bottom of it. We, happily, have so many things we can do that do not involve drugs. We offer medical treatments that handle the underlying problems we find with functional diagnostics. Did you know that people with an inability to loose weight no matter what they try could have a special type of thyroid problem or other hormonal problem or could be suffering from “malnutrition” and intestinal candidiasis? We help people with weight problems all the time and they lose weight and keep it off; simple blood tests for hormonal problems are not enough when you have serious health problems and weight problems. You need to do more extensive testing for many, many hormonal levels not normally assessed.

Drug companies do not want you to have access to bio-identical hormones. In a recent interview with actress and author Suzanne Somers she mentioned she was named in a complaint by Wyeth as one of the key factors as to why their $2 billion-a-year synthetic hormone business had decreased by 72%!! Think about that, a drug business names a private citizen as the cause of their business problems. A public individual who is writing books and informing people!!! The business interests in keeping you ill are huge.

When people have high blood pressure or diabetes or heart disease the choices are very limited with medicine as usual, drugs and surgery. Again, our approach is more personal because we look at your underlying problems or search for the causes of your heart disease. We are able to recommend treatments that will help reverse the REASON you have problems. We also clear up the false information you might have about cholesterol and the problems underlying high blood pressure.

There are thousands of enzyme processes going on constantly in your body when you are healthy, disrupted they can cause all kinds of problems. Vitamins and minerals are coenzymes and cofactors enabling these enzymatic processes to continue uninterrupted so if you have deficiencies your body will not function properly and you will become ill.

The idea that there is more to medical care for chronic conditions than drugs and surgery is great news for most people. Many doctors across our nation and the world have researched treatments that are not drug based and they offer many non drug solutions to the health concerns you face in life. A whole new exciting healthy life awaits you. Come to our seminars go to our websites, and to find out for yourself how you can reverse the problems of aging and illness. See you soon!

Dr. Conrad Maulfair, Osteopathic Physician

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