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Love of Family and Friends

January 15, 2019

The intense love I feel for our family and friends is important to convey when I try to express the importance of being as healthy as possible as aging grabs you by the shoulders and shakes the day lights out of you. Connie ( Dr. M’s nickname) and I find wondrous happenings as friends meet one another and find the friendship and love in those times we feel for each of them. We know we are truly blessed. This is no namby pamby love, it is intense.

Conveying the importance of aging happily entails making the effort on our part to offer medical care that does no harm, that helps you return to good health and imparts the education of life style necessary to avoid the pitfalls of aging. In that way you will be able to experience days and months and years of the love of your family and friends. Dr. Maulfair so often refers to an improved QUALITY of life. It is about improving the quality of life as any degree of illness dulls your ability to experience life around you and be fully happy.

When we help someone overcome a physical limitation we know they will bring happiness and an improved QUALITY OF LIFE to those they call family and friends and so it is like a pebble thrown in a pond, the ripples travel far and wide. So thank you dear family and friends, you know who you are… you are treasures. Thank you dear Connie for sharing with me a very meaningful and fun life.   Coleen

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