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Taking My Turn…

April 13, 2019

Taking my turn of appreciation for Dr. Maulfair’s medical care.

Three years or so before I met Conrad I was a passenger in a car involved in a hit and run  accident wearing my seat belt, but reclined somewhat with my feet on the dash, snoozing.  An illegal immigrant in a pick-up pulled out in front of us; as we were feet from an intersection we hit the back axel of his pickup.  Dead stop.  He had no license and was rushing to follow a woman who had crossed well ahead of us, he was chasing her from a night at the bar.  How do I know?  She appeared at the window after calling the ambulance and explained, staying with us until help arrived.

With crush injuries and a broken back it took me sometime, another story for another day, to recover but I did.  Sort of.  It is now time to express the value of  Conrad’s care in concert with surgical and orthopedic care I was so fortunate to have.  It is time to speak up, although I am his wife, I  have a success story to share and yes, I am biased.  I have a bias toward complementary, alternative medical care.  Extreme.  Extreme because I am so fortunate to observe the thousands of patient improvements over the last twenty-five years of working with him, AND I experienced a surprising benefit with his care.

After that dark evening I was left with an unpredictable problem of severe pain after some meals due to the surgical rerouting of my intestines.  The duodenum was crushed and had to be sutured with  sutures closing off the stomach to help with the healing.  My wonderful surgeon was worried about what might happen if the stomach sutures did not open as planned.  He attached the small intestine to the stomach to create a second opening to allow digested food to pass into my intestines.  Great. 

During the months and years that followed I never knew when I would be in excruciating pain after a meal.  The problem did not relate to what I ate, just that I did. I was taking anti-acids that never stopped the attacks.  I never knew which meals would cause the pain, caused because my stomach would not empty and the body would just keep pouring in fluids to try to digest food so it could leave the stomach. Eventually I would have to make myself throw up to help stop the pain.  Business luncheons, homemade meals, certain foods did not predict the outcome.  Needless to say I had a problem.

We married about two years after that accident and he started to help me with this situation which I had come to feel would just be life for me.  His approach is to look for underlying causes and not directly treating only the symptoms.  This was a symptom remember, of a surgery that to this day has not been reversed, but I have not had a episode with my belly for 22 years or so.  I still have the two openings in my stomach.

How did he help? He tested for heavy metal and mineral nutrient status, he evaluated my digestive status and he put me on a great vitamin and mineral supplement program while prescribing IV treatments including chelation therapy.   Pretty soon I went months without problems and then it became one year after another, no more problems.  Episodes of severe pain became a thing of the past.  There was a drain inserted into my belly during that surgical recovery, so at times, when I look at the little dent where it was I am amazed all over again. 

So what happened here?  My Brazilian surgeon saved my life and Conrad saved my health.  Can you imagine the amount of antibiotics I was given?  I was taking anti-acids that never stopped the attacks. (wrong headed thinking I learned later from him) I never knew which meals would cause the pain.

The combination of good surgical care, orthopedic care, and the follow up of alternative, complementary care of Dr. Maulfair’s permits me to avoid the warning I was given; I might have had to undergo a second surgery to reverse the rerouting of my small intestine.  Why do I think Dr. M’s approach worked?  He explained that the stomach is a muscle needing minerals, magnesium for one, to relax and not go into spasm every once in awhile like a muscle spasm in a leg.  Simple.

Know how of how the body works and a special know how of doctors who went way beyond their medical school training to educate themselves on the requirements of HEALTHLY BODIES, instead of constantly thinking of drugs needed to suppress symptoms, is what works.  Find a doctor with the dedication of Dr. M and the many others just like him who have worked so hard to offer real medical help.

It worked for me and will for you.

Coleen Maulfair

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