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Response to the Critics…

October 14, 2019

It’s always disheartening to come across derogatory entries about a person or product you are interested in. We have been silent in the face of internet attacks aimed at stopping any interest or curiosity you might have about us and our very special medical center.  When you are searching for an integrative physician it is not fun to get in the middle of controversy, this new paradigm of medicine is confusing enough without the attackers viewpoints. You can contact us for the real story direct from our patients who have experienced what we offer, so many of our patients write success stories of many paragraphs, they want others to have the benefits they have enjoyed.  Please just ask and we will get them to you.

Although Dr. Maulfair has been criticized by a few in the past for his choice to offer his patients the most modern treatment modalities, often avoiding the use of pharmaceuticals when possible, we find the current attacks on our work disturbing.  The internet is a wonderful tool for good but also for ill.

You may have run across entries that describe a son who murdered his mother and recordings that have been edited of phone calls to our center from overseas; altered to make us look and sound bad.

Critics know we are bound by privacy rules we take very much to heart in our medical center.  Our patient’s information is on computers that are not connected to the internet; and we only share personal health information when asked by our patients.

Regarding the situation of the son who murdered his mother we acquired a signed written permission statement to speak about it through Jeremy’s attorney when it happened in 2005 or so.  A psychologist from Carnegie Mellon, who hated all church goers and churches including ours, somehow picked up the story and used it to attack Dr. Maulfair, a Christian Scientologist.  The truth of our contact with Jeremy is one visit to our office with his parents who wanted to find out, through the special diagnostic studies we use, any thing they could to help him in life.  During that visit our phlebotomist noticed needle tracks on Jeremy’s arms.  His mother was given advice regarding nutrients she could offer to help him with his health in a phone consultation, but since Jeremy was 26 or so she could not convince him to return to us for help.  Six or seven months later Jeremy murdered his mother.  So was it our medical care that tied us to this sad event or was it our practice of alternative medicine or our religion?

Years later in 2017 we get a phone call inquiring about how Dr. Maulfair would treat a “friend’s” autistic child.  We explained and ask the lady to have her friend contact us and we would send out usual information packet.  But there were two more calls that were disturbing as the lady was grilling us in an unusual way over the phone.  We checked the number and found it was coming from Ireland.  Funny.  Made no sense until the attacks on us over the internet started and we found that she was a Scientology critic who protested the opening of a new Church in Dublin and in her words an “activist”. She had recorded the phone calls then edited them to alter our conversation.  When we checked with authorities here we found that although it is illegal in the US to secretly record someone without a warrant there was nothing we could do as she was not a citizen of the US and not subject to our laws.

As you know nothing substantial can be done to undo the slander but we do know that thoughtful people these days suspect such vehement attacks and seek to find the other side of the story so we hope this helps.

As you might know we will be happy to help a sincere person understand our work and our approach to our patient’s health.

Coleen Maulfair

Executive Director

Maulfair Medical Center

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