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January 1, 2020

We will start to post content not ours but very important…

There is a serious need for health information that helps us make our decisions without interference. When we find content that is important we will share on our site.

This year we have a renewed effort to do more online to inform people of our work and with a new way to think about health problems. As an example we have people ask if we treat a specific condition, tremors for instance, the answer would be no…we treat the whole person. Normally a pharmaceutical would be suggested to suppress the tremor. No one, including the doctor, would wonder why they occur or look for an underlying reason. This is why we need freedom in medicine to choose our own path and we need freedom to practice for qualified doctors.

Dr. Maulfair looks for and finds physical reasons for CAUSES of a problem – at times, as in the case of cancer, it is not possible to pinpoint the genesis of a health problem. But…you can be curious and wonder about a person’s toxic metal status, you could find out how well their digestive system is functioning all along with the normal blood work. You could wonder about their vitamin D levels and iodine levels and much more. He treats the person individually, he does not treat the insurance policy. Often, these days you are offered answers that your insurance will pay for. So who is being treated? The person or the insurance program? Many doctors have no choice. We do.

Please start this year by vowing to do more for yourself. Find health providers that offer personal health care, care based on your physical findings in searching diagnostics that go beyond the quick fix.

When you improve your overall health your body works at healing itself and it can when supplied the constituents for health.

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