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Metals in My Body?

February 9, 2020

Many of you have heard Dr. Maulfair speak about the importance of evaluating heavy metal status for his patients.  “If you have high blood pressure or any other circulatory problem and have not had the levels of heavy metals in your body evaluated you have an incomplete diagnosis.”

Why is that finding out WHY someone’s blood pressure is high is not a priority?  Is it just easier to prescribe a pharmaceutical drug that lowers the pressure?  Does artificially lowering the number handle the CAUSE?

Please contact us for the information packet after taking a look at the test result below, a urine collection after one chelation treatment.  Yes, one. 

We will send you the complete report so you might read the lab discussion for this patient and find out the sources of these metals and the health problems they cause.

Reach us at

The first page of the metals found report is here:

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