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We are involved in complementary, alternative medical care.  Our medical center is dedicated to offering non-prescription medical care.    Dr. Maulfair uses prescription drugs infrequently, he does use them when appropriate for very short periods of time.  He never prescribes mind altering psychiatric drugs.  No need to do so when you have so many other modalities that heal symptoms and not mask them.  He is a medical detective getting to the bottom of his patients health problems.  He looks for and finds the cause of tough health problems for people of all ages.  Check out and

 There are so many issues that people need to grasp to protect themselves and their families from the business of medicine and big pharma; the lies and false data people labor under with regards to their health prevent real understanding of what works and what harms.  We hope to give you some answers and incentive to continue your research.  We firmly believe you are responsible for your health, good or ill, and  your doctors should be used as consultants to  help you clarify your health difficulties and choices.  You deserve second opinions and  you should readily seek them when you are faced with serious conditions.  We offer real preventive medical care and wellness programs.

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  1. July 30, 2012 6:11 am

    i found this topic very interesting if you have more to teach us about this subject please post.


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