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New Paradigm in Medicine, Integrative Therapies

October 26, 2017

Dr. Maulfair has been helping his patients with the “new” paradigm in medicine for over 40 years. Why should this matter to you? Think about all the people he has met, all the conditions he has encountered and all the restorations of health he has helped his patients achieve. He does not rely heavily on pharmaceutical models of health care yet he employs the help of nurses and intravenous treatments of all kinds, dietary recommendations, exercise encouragement and programs, and strategies that reduce toxic exposures affecting the body and mental health of his patients. There are a number of physicians like him all across this country, just not enough YET.

In all the years that have passed, with all the developments in health care, with all the choices we now have to take care of symptoms we experience, the science of and structure of bodily health has not changed one whit.

Your body requirements remain as they have always been. Funny, no matter what you think about your health and which choices in treatments you should utilize the body remains committed and strong in demanding certain constituents for health. The requirements to be and remain healthy are unchanging, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, prebiotics, probiotics, water, air, the list goes on but lead, cadmium, prozac, oxicodone, styrene are NOT on the list. With depleted soil on our farms and chemical farming you need high quality nutrients to remain healthy. The detractors will tell you they just make expensive urine! Not true. If it was true what does the endless ingestion of pharmaceutical drugs create? We can help you answer that question.

Dr. Maulfair has approached his career in medicine studying HEALTH, minimizing attention given to disease. He has asked and answered what is it that we need to do to remain healthy or to regain the health we once enjoyed? That should be your quest too.

In these days of health insurance turmoil, unrelenting pharmaceutical advertising and bad news regarding the quality of our food, water and air, it is easy to just ignore the entire field. People with symptoms and overwhelming, unresolved health problems can’t do that. Each day when you are faced with pain, exhaustion, heart irregularities and headaches your health determines all else you are interested in and able to do. Ill health blunts your dreams and goals for your future.

Come to us for care or find a doctor near you with the same goals as you have; drug free care that works to restore health and alleviate symptoms. Find a doctor that is curious and wonders why you have headaches and exhaustion. Find the underlying causes and you are half way there. There are answers that work, promise.

Check out the International College of Integrative Medicine,, the American College for the Advancement in Medicine,, the American Association of Environmental Medicine,, to locate providers near you. And take a look at to find Dr. M’s podcasts you can listen to. Check out our sauna detoxification program and find results,

A Pioneer Story

September 21, 2017

Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr. D.O.

A Pioneer’s Story………
Dr. Maulfair is a pioneer of wholistic medicine in the United States. He says spell wholistic with a “W” because nothing is missing! It has been said that people who change the course of society are better known by people far off than their own neighbors, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss an opportunity to know Conrad and appreciate his uncommon courage.

Thirty years ago and some five or six years into his medical practice he decided he was not happy at all with the results of medicine as usual, that is to say utilizing drugs and surgery to relieve symptoms. He was driven to search out solutions for the actual causes of chronic problems his patients were experiencing. Then as now, his patients and their improvements lead him to explore and utilize therapies which improve people’s immune system, health status and quality of life. He remained true to the principles of osteopathic medicine as he viewed the patient as a whole person, not a symptom. He uses symptoms to point the way for thorough diagnostics. If you take the time to look hard you will find points of non-optimum physical function, which once corrected, result in an alleviation of the problem. He remains enthusiastic about life and helping others achieve optimum health. Often he returns home after a twelve-hour day, not exhausted as you might expect but excited over someone’s improvement. He actually gets results with his medical approach, real results. He has his attention on the positive impact of practical medicine.
Whether he is invited to speak to the medical society in Brazil, do an interview on radio or television for the cause of alternative medicine, teach new students about chelation therapy at national accredited workshops, serve as examining physician for doctors wishing to become certified in chelation therapy, or talking to the patients he loves; he is always kind, gentle and a peacemaker.

The clinical results he achieves with his patients are real changes in health not the masking of symptoms. He wants people to know there is hope for health and hope for those of us who are aging. His medical center is dedicated to teaching patients about effective medical treatments, diet, exercise, environmental contamination and drugs so they can be self sufficient and smart consumers of health care.

We married in 1993 and shortly thereafter I started to help in the practice. People would tell me how much Conrad had helped them change their lives. There was one woman who approached me in the parking lot to ask if I had any idea how much my husband had done for her. With tears streaming down her cheeks, and soon mine, she described how quality of life was returned to her in all its richness because she took his advice and together they changed her life, she said she would have died had Conrad not been there. We have hundreds of success stories from people with all types of ailments recovering their health and improving their lives.

Conrad is one of those rare people who cares enough for others to go beyond the expected to the unexpected in his compassion and his desire that life be more than something to tolerate. He stepped out ahead of the crowd many years ago to make sure he could realize his dream of helping patients for real, giving them the knowledge they need to think for themselves, escaping the false data that holds them down.

Come to his next seminar and enjoy his sense of humor and vast store of knowledge or call for your appointment. Start your climb to something new and possible in health for yourself, your family and your friends.

Coleen Maulfair

A Simple Health Care System

August 1, 2017

Our government has interfered with our health care payment system to the detriment of all of us. First off, we do not have a health care system we have a disease care system. Those that pay for the services determine what is available. It is clear medical choices are limited and people are paying for services they will never use; some people get subsidies and some people pay outrageous premiums for little coverage.

We have people, here in Pennsylvania in a county with only one Obama care provider, in their fifties who pay $3,000 per month in premiums for a couple. Their deductibles are high so they will likely not use the coverage they purchase in a year as they are relatively healthy; deductibles are so high coverage would only kick in if they were hospitalized. Due to the high payments they are unable to seek the care that would prevent problems. Think about it. $3,000.00 per month, how many of us can afford that? It is the cost of two house payments for most.

We need health savings accounts that are fully tax deductible and allow us to seek health care as we see fit, with whom we choose. Combined with a high deductible catastrophic insurance plan this would fit a great variety of needs, if it covered vitamins prescribed by physicians, services delivered by licensed professionals including physical therapy and health coaching. Our employers and our own deposits into these accounts would put control into the hands of individuals and not people who do not know what we want to do with our own bodies. All legal treatments would be available to someone.

We do not use car insurance to pay for oil changes and tires, it is reserved for accidental damages. That is a good model for health insurance as well. People who are indigent could be cared for through Medicaid as they are now, with help from the government.

This is a fair plan for all – fair because it is controlled by the person themselves.

The cost of delivering care on the part of physicians and others would become more affordable as the health savings accounts would not involve filing a claim. Just a simple payment made from the health savings account. This angers those who want control and feel you do not have good judgment about how to care for yourself.

People could form associations, or utilize the ones they already participate in for the insurance coverage and in this way group rates would be available for more people. No government agency would have major oversight, people in the market place would inspire the business of medicine to create offices and centers and treatment choices the public desired.

Cancer Prevention, Yes You Can

July 10, 2017

Let us start by reviewing some of the basics. Cancer begins at the cellular level. There is typically a genetic mutation or alteration in genes which if it is allowed to persist will create an abnormal cell and then multiple abnormal cells and then a cancer. Under normal circumstances, this happens to all of us every day but the immune system is able to identify this abnormal cell and destroy it before it becomes a conglomerate of cells, i.e., a tumor. The key then to preventing cancer is preventing an abnormal cell becoming multiple abnormal cells. An important question to ask then would be what contributes to the cell genetic material becoming mutant, or to mutate? Another obvious important question to ask would be what can be done to enhance the destroying of the mutant cells, the abnormal cells? Intravenous Vitamin C to the rescue.

Over the decades, numerous scientific studies and articles have highlighted the ability of Vitamin C to be active against cancer. An article appearing in Free Radical Biology in Medicine in 2009 entitled “Pharmacologic Concentrations of Ascorbic Acid by Parenteral Administration Exhibit Antitumoral Effects” is one example. Another article appeared in the British Journal of Cancer in 2001 titled “Cytotoxicity of Ascorbate, Lipoic Acid and Other Antioxidants and Hollow Fiber In Vitro Tumors.” More recently an article appeared in WebMD April 3, 2017, “IV Vitamin C Boosts Chemo’s Cancer-Fighting Power.” An article entitled “Mainstream Researchers Finally Admit Vitamin C Kills Cancer” appeared in the

We have been using infusions of Vitamin C for decades with sometimes dramatic results.

So far we have been talking about treating diagnosed cancer. How does this relate to prevention? Back to the cells. The beginning of cancer is an abnormal “genetically mutant” cell. If it is allowed to reproduce, it eventually creates cancer. If intravenous Vitamin C is helpful in treating cancer which has millions of cancer cells, would not intravenous Vitamin C be potentially very helpful in handling a few abnormal cells before they become tumors? In other words, utilizing an infusion of Vitamin C periodically would seem to be a very important part of a cancer prevention protocol. Kill off a few cancerous cells before they become many. Important note: The amount of Vitamin C necessary to achieve this is much greater than is obtainable through oral Vitamin C. Therefore, the infusion route is necessary. Certainly taking some Vitamin C orally in addition is okay and helpful but it is not adequate enough to be effective for killing cancer cells.

Now let’s go a step further. Another important question to ask would be “What things can contribute to causing the genetic mutations occurring in the first place?” This research and observations have also been done over the decades identifying hundreds if not thousands of various toxic chemicals, toxic metal exposures that contribute to these genetic perturbations that result in cancer cell production. In addition, the majority of the body’s immune system which is designed to protect us against abnormal cell production is located in the intestinal tract so ideal intestinal tract function is of critical importance in the prevention of cancer. Diagnostics to identify the presence of toxic substances, i.e., various classes of chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, etc., and toxic metals can be identified and most importantly therapeutic modalities to decrease those exposures are also available.

If you have a family history of cancer or if you are just concerned about cancer for yourself for various reasons, you have been exposed to things in the past, whatever the cause or causes of your concern, something can be done about it! The age-old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is definitely valid when it comes to cancer.

In addition to the above, having an ongoing input of good quality nutrients is essential to maintain an ongoing cellular energy level. There is a class of compounds called nitrilosides found in hundreds of edible plants world-wide that has shown to be helpful in cancer prevention. These compounds can be in: lima beans, apple seeds, apricot, plum and peach pits, bitter almonds, nuts, millet, maize and sorghum. Combine the avoidance of toxins and the ingestion of organic, clean food and food items high in cancer fighting compounds and you will be well on your way to a life free from cancer. Why stop there? Seek the advice of physicians who are familiar with all of the above and you can be well on your way toward preventing cancer and at the same time improving the quality of life for your future.

Dr Conrad G. Maulfair, Jr. D.O.

I Wish You Knew…

June 30, 2017

I wish you knew…

Working alongside Dr. Maulfair since 1994 I have experienced the revitalization of health in his patients. Results no one else was expecting, results the patients themselves hoped would happen when they moved outside the box of common medical care into a world of good scientific based medical care, they hoped. I wish you knew, I wish you knew for your good or for the good of your employees, friends and family.

Illness that ruins our lives often happens, not in an instant, but with every exposure to poisons our bodies cannot tolerate and deficiencies of all the elements that can heal the worst problems. It happens bit by bit over the course of years and then you hit the wall of knowing you are not doing well and aging is not rewarding, it hurts.

In personal visits, seminars and workshops Dr. Maulfair has spent his career interesting people in finding out what is really going on with their bodies, medical care, and imparting answers resulting in restored health. Ask his patients and you will see they know he really cares and he is competent; getting results working with his patients over the course of some months in many cases, reversing, little by little, sometimes leaps and bounds, the ravages of bad medical care and very poor answers to health problems.

If you have little knowledge of how your body stays healthy how on earth will you be able to take care of yourself as you age? Aging is not supposed to be miserable but it is an eye opening event when you start to realize you have been hoodwinked and now are faced with some real problems you cannot ignore, you may not know where to turn. I really believe the problems of aging are primarily the accumulation of all the toxins and deficiencies of the past creating symptoms that are quite serious and hard to ignore.

Tell me, what kind of medical system and medical philosophy has the scientific knowledge of clearly 90% of the cancers we develop are caused by environmental factors yet does nothing about it. I ask the women in our seminars and workshops if their gynecologists have ever warned them stay away from pesticides. Not one. Yet a woman going in for surgical mastectomy was told by her surgeon to stay away from pesticides. Why? Because pesticides have been found in tumor tissue, that’s why. That is the science. That is what we are facing and yet surgeons are not all over the air waves, or internet warning the public of these risks. By the way, if you think hereditary factors cause cancer, it can be true; but, as Dr Maulfair points out something has to trip the gene into expressing itself and often that is some toxin your body cannot tolerate.

Standard medicine waits until you have cancer that can be detected and then “treated”. Yet the scientific community knows much of the chemical exposures we endure that develop into cancers. Prevention in medicine has been perverted to mean doing a test of some sort to see if you have some medical condition! That is detection not prevention. Prevention is only possible if you possess the knowledge of what CAUSES health problems. Further more – what causes HEALTH?

We have non-invasive medical studies that can be done by a group of scientifically based laboratories looking for and finding the causes of symptoms. Dr. Maulfair helps his patients uncover what is really going on with their bodies and THEN works to turn around the problems found that CAUSE a symptom. A symptom simply points the way on where to look first.

I wish you knew, I wish the government knew, I wish employers knew, I wish our Veterans knew the real causes of health problems and the ease at which they can be reversed with body friendly answers and a bit of hard work. I wish the investors of insurance companies knew how much money was being wasted in unscientific medical care. It is pharmaceutical medical care, more chemicals for someone who could simply be too toxic to feel well, that we promote in this society and we need to change course.

Coleen Maulfair
New Patient Services

Where Have We Been All These Months- or long time no posts?

April 26, 2017

Very long time since we have posted on WordPress. These months have been filled with illnesses reversed, health restored, for many patients. I wish I could find a way to express the joy of working with Dr. Maulfair and our staff of the most helpful, caring people I know. I wish I could convey how real the benefits of this paradigm in medical care is for those that do make it our center and benefit from our advice and care.

We want to reach so many more but I am lacking expertise in internet marketing. I ran Google ads for a few months but found Google does not have a category for our form of medicine so I am quite sure our ad ran on drug company searches. We did not see an up tick in people contacting us through the internet at all. Some people may now have a wrong impression, they may think this is the “same ole, same ole” family practice. When I cancelled the ad they also cancelled our gmail account without telling us. Nice.

Our message is simple. You have the capacity of reversing a decline in health with the ability to determine the causes of problems in the first place. The first step is taking advantage of the diagnostic tools you may never have known about. Most people know about scans, scopes, biopsies and common laboratory tests. Knowledge of searching diagnostics like Doctor’s Data testing for heavy metal toxicity or stool analysis for digestive disorders; Great Plains Lab for chemical toxicity, food sensitivity, and a European company study of blood to determine which chemotherapeutic drugs would be effective against a certain cancer cell or type; or a test by Rhine Labs for hormone levels of way more than a few hormones when you suffer from the ravages of aging.

So let’s say you find out some underlying problems that resulted in your symptoms, or disease. Now what? Dr. Maulfair has been offering body friendly treatment modalities for over 40 years of his 50+ years in practice. He does not practice any more, he knows what he is doing; he knows what you can expect from his recommendations. He knows you are more in charge of the outcomes in your health status than he is. He knows you come first and YOU are the center of his care. There is so much more to medical care than drugs and more drugs and surgery.

We have no argument with the usual medical recommendations of drugs and surgery; they are very important. But that approach falls short when you are talking about high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders and all the problems that pop up when you get older, and older yet. We can help you manage and get ahead with our treatments if you suffer from what are essentially the result of the way we live, breathe and eat in the chemical infested society. Whether by the air we breath, the food and water we drink, the chemicals we put on our skin we decline as these things build up during our lifetimes. I wish I could get this message of real help to everyone that needs it and would accept it.

Here is a video you will enjoy about one of our treatment modalities:

Coleen Maulfair
New Patient Services

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Worried About Lead Toxicity? You Should Be

October 26, 2016

There are over 4,000 citations in the medical literature regarding the influence of a body burden of lead on our health.  Children have smaller bodies so when they drink a contaminated glass of water the amount of lead has a greater influence as the body tries to deal with it.

When you attempt to find out the lead level in the body by administering a blood test you are missing the fact that the body has ways of dealing with poisons and contaminants.  The body sequesters lead removing it from the blood stream and deposits it in tissues with a low blood supply in its effort to detoxify and prevent it from being distributed throughout the body.  An acute exposure can be detected in blood if the exposure is recent, during the first day or so. After that blood levels will test “within the normal range” so you have to look in other systems of the body to determine the level of contamination.  Lead is deposited in bone and fat tissue, fat tissue has a low blood supply and is somewhat more “stable”.  Well, guess what? Your nervous system and brain are made up of fats, cholesterol and others.  The accumulation of lead in bodies is of great concern in assessing the health or determining the source of symptoms.

When the blood levels are within “normal limits” on a blood test  the faulty assumption is made that the toxic substance is not a health factor.  Any amount of lead in the body is toxic, disturbing normal function to one degree or another.

Behavior problems; hyperactivity, temper tantrums, withdrawal, frequent crying of no apparent reason, fearfulness, refusal to play, drowsiness/fatigue, learning disability, speech disturbances, perceptual motor dysfunctions, mental retardation, seizures or convulsions, ataxia, encephalopathy, for children but also in the same vein for adults.

The interaction of lead with other metals in the contamination of the body are synergistic and then 1 + 1 does not equal twice the problems but magnifies the health problems.  Please consult the links on our website home page, top right hand corner at – and specifically.


Dr Conrad Maulfair, D.O.

Taking apart psychiatry: fraud-kings of the mind

March 1, 2016

Please make the time to read this article of Jon’s.  It is essential information for navigating health issues.  PLEASE READ THIS!!!

Taking apart psychiatry: fraud-kings of the mind Exploding the myth of “good science” by Jon Rappoport February 29, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, click …

Source: Taking apart psychiatry: fraud-kings of the mind

The Only Real Defense in Health Care

January 18, 2016

Stay healthy or work on regaining and maintaining good health and you will avoid all the mishaps and changes in “health care”.  Dr. Maulfair refers to the present system as disease care.  It is.  You have to have a disease to be admitted into the ranks of the cared for.  Common medical preventive measures prevent nothing, they detect problems.

Prevention is something you do.  You avoid toxins, you eat organic, clean food, you avail yourself of measures to avoid pharmaceuticals.  More importantly you find out how your body works, you exert some effort in understanding the ailments you have so you can differentiate good care from bad.  When your education is complete you help other people find out what to do about their situations.

Dr. Maulfair has started a podcast to educate those who listen about many aspects of medical care and the new paradigm in healing.  We still have the same old problem of this field not naming itself in a way that takes the confusion out of the noise in medicine you hear every day.  Alternative, Complementary, Functional, Anti-Aging, Intregrative,  Holistic or rather Wholistic since nothing is missing…oh, wait a minute; maybe the originators were thinking of filling the “hole” in normal medical care.  Who knows.

Certainly you hunger for a place to go where people listen, where underlying causes are searched for before the latest drug is offered.  How on earth does a pain killer for migraines headaches heal?…it does not…it dulls the pain and dulls you until the headache passes.  The question is why do have them?  Please start to help yourself and ask why.  Encourage your doctors to wonder why and if they refuse then find someone who will.

Listen to Dr. Maulfair’s podcasts and come to our workshops if you are within driving distance or just read the articles on our website, it is a start.





Diagnostic Tools for Clinical Practice Lead to Real Results in Effective Treatments.

March 29, 2015

Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair, Osteopathic Physician

Effective medical care includes looking for and finding the causes of someone’s symptoms. If a physician only offers to medicate symptoms you never find the causes of health problems and the real problems continue as the need for additional medication increases. An example, you have probably noticed, is people on blood pressure medications need more medication over time as the pressure marches upward because the underlying cause has not been addressed. When the cause of chronic problems is not addressed you seldom find a lasting improvement in health.

The heavy metal lead is associated with increase in blood pressure, to continue with this example, if you have high blood pressure you should have your lead levels in hair and red blood cells tested. Contact our office for a copy of a study synopsis from the Journal of the American Medical Association entitled “Blood Lead, Blood Pressure, and Hypertension in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women.” Conclusions include blood lead levels positively associated with both systolic and diastolic blood pressure and risks of both systolic and diastolic hypertension among women aged 40-59 years. There is much more in this article so call us for the complete report.

Simple diagnostic procedures can demonstrate toxins such as pesticides reside in human fat tissue. The presence of fat stored toxins rob a person’s vitality and can seriously interfere with healthy aging. As an example, pesticides are directly correlated with the development of breast cancer. The EPA has long studied the prevalence of xenobiotics in the bodies of American public: they found residues of tens of toxins in all tissue samples taken across the country. Pharmaceutical drugs, street drugs and radiation are also stored in the body; in the case of drugs this is the reason past drug users still crave drugs and sometimes return to drug use.

Health conscious people recognize the interference and interruption of normal function fat stored toxins create. These toxins accelerate the aging process with all the pitfalls of developing chronic health problems.
In the case of heavy metal toxicity chelation therapy could be utilized to lower the levels of these toxins in your body. When they are removed the reasons for health problems diminish and you are healthier, hundreds of our patients have experienced the benefits of increased energy and less heart disease, lower blood pressure and improved arthritis. Diabetics often lower the levels of insulin they use, some can eliminate it,

Patients in our practice have an opportunity to address these problems with our rejuvenation programs which detoxify the body. The most effective program to eliminate fat stored toxins, such as pharmaceutical drugs, street drugs, pesticides, herbicides and environmental toxins is the sauna detoxification program described in a popular text on the subject titled “Clear Body Clear Mind”, by L. Ron Hubbard. We have this text for sale in our office or you can order it by going to our website links for or purchase it through any bookstore.

This program is the program you may have heard is responsible for restoring the health of the rescue workers of 9-11. These contemporary heroes suffered much in the months following their service at Ground Zero. So toxic they couldn’t work and having to retire at young ages these men and women have been regaining their health through Mr. Hubbard’s program. We offer this identical program in our medical center in Orefield. Tours and informational consultations can be arranged by calling 610-682-2104. We also give ongoing health education seminars, call to reserve your seat.

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